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Funeral for Adriel ( means belonging to God, God is my help ) Adriel's parents called around and could not find any funeral home that would help them bury their baby who was 6-8 weeks in gestation. The mother of Adriel found out about CBIB and how we honor the life of the unborn and called us to help her bury her baby. She told us that she called several funeral homes who were very callous to her situation and they were not helpful. They were insensitive to her grieving and minimized the life of her baby as a loss. Often people discount the unborn as not being a human being. So therefore, they think a mother should not grieve. They believe that was not a person and so parents should not be experiencing any loss. I understand that a young pregnant woman has these raging hormones and it comes with a myriad of emotions that swarms her being. In addition to these emotions, losing a child has a separate set of issues and feelings that also need to be dealt with. There is such a disappointment with miscarriage and deserves ones understanding and compassion. As a parent, one has such high hopes and dreams and then when one has a miscarriage, their dreams are all dashed in a moment. It can leave one feeling devastated. Not to mention that you were in love. There was a little one there that you fell in love with, even though you never met them. They were a part of you. You could't wait to see and hold them. And now the dream of that is gone. These parent's loss should not me discounted or minimized. Our funeral home has been wonderful and very compassionate towards this cause, burying the unborn. I hope and pray that other parents don't experience what Adriel's parents experienced and that perhaps that was an unusual situation. But how unfortunate that a parent can not find sympathy when they need it.

CBIB will be having a funeral for two babies. Adriel and Marie Lynn (Marie Lynn's mother of baby is a teenager) Both are miscarriages 6-8 weeks in gestation

Funeral for Marie Lynn and Adriel
Wednesday Feb. 28 at 12:30 - meet families 1:00 Graveside service starts
St. Patrick's #1 Cemetery
5000 Canal St.


There are a great many people who have been forgotten. I am talking about the Holy innocence. Children lost in miscarriage or abortion. Who are they? Our sons and daughters. Many were never buried, like mine. I lost a baby to miscarriage and didn't think of burial. I didn't know it could be an option. But because of that event in my life, I formed this group CBIB - Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies where we have buried aborted, abandoned, murdered, thrown away in the trash babies. We have buried babies who were only 2 inches in length to 2 years old. All are human life. All deserve a dignified burial. About five years ago, I found out that babies under 20 weeks gestation are thrown away in Hospitals. They are picked up by medical waste and disposed of like trash. They are also called "Products of conception." This is a term for human life, I loath. They are human beings not products. Products are things and not people. Many people were never given the acknowledgment that they deserve for their short life. Where are they? In God's keeping, but they are not without purpose. Somewhere, somehow, God will show us what they were for and what we are for. Our loving Father's ways are not our ways, but we trust in him. Oh Lord, we surrender and give ourselves to you, for you know the way and you can show us. Help us to value all human life in all it's forms. Help us to honor them. Help us to be thankful for the fleeting moments you have allowed us to live. Help us to be kind and thoughtful to the lowly and not disregard the smallest of people and think of them as insignificant. Maybe these are forgotten souls that I speak of, but believe me, no mother ever can forget.

CBIB beleives that all human life is precious and deserves a dignified burial. 

With help, CBIB went to the capital and got a law passed in Louisiana (2016 Compassionate Burials Bill 382 HB2341this law is also in Kansas ) stated that a woman has the right to bury her baby (even if that human life is at the stage of a fetus). Hopefully we can get this law into every state.


This week a woman called me, whom I didn't know. She proceeded to tell me of her abortion. My heart sank. She explained her pain and suffering of her loss that she experienced which was destroying her life. Then she told me of how she came to God and she told God how she regretted her decision for an abortion and could feel his forgiveness and so was able to receive healing for the sin of abortion. She went to Rachael's Vineyard for help. When one looses a child in miscarriage or abortion this is a huge event in ones life. As a mother can feel she could feel an empty womb which was once full with her baby's life. Now there is an empty space, a hole in her heart, grieved and can no be consoled. A sadness that can lead to death for those without faith. Despair and depression eats away at any joys of life. Mental illness is often followed as a symptom. There is a torment that brews through the years, if not dealt with honestly. But with God, He can create all things new. I don't dare minimize the sin of murder here when talking about abortion, but where there is repentance, God's love, grace and mercy is greater than any sin we have committed. I, for one, will open wide the door to anyone who seeks God's love, mercy, and forgiveness. He has come to set the captives free. This is important in this day and age where so many women have walked this road that leads to death. The death of a baby and a death of a woman's soul. But we have good news for all the women who have traveled the dark halls of hell. Our Good News should be shouted from the highest mountains tops that nothing we do will ever separate us from the love of God! For he is greater than any sin we commit. He welcomes us into the inner chambers of his heart and that is where we can find our healing. Nothing is impossible for God. He waits for us to decide to run into his open arms. But it is our choice. We have a free will. Our Lord is a gentleman. He does not force us. He is not the man with a hammer ready to pound us. He patiently waits for us. He is the good shepherd, who finds the lost sheep and carries them home close to his heart. So if I am speaking to you, go find Jesus, he is the friend of sinners. He alone can help you in your pain and suffering. John 10:10 Jesus said, " The thief comes to steal and destroy, but I have come to give LIFE and give it abundantly! " Jesus, friend of sinners, I know you can see me. I am sorry for what I have done. Please Lord, help me. Please Gentle Shepherd, heal me.

God loves you and so do weEmoji 
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CBIB was invited to the

Capital for Pro-Life Day!

We had a table set up to share our work, and give information!

I went to mass today. As I was in line to receive the body of Christ, the woman ahead of me dropped the host. It fell to the ground. Immediately the priest picked it up and went straight away up onto the alter and put it in a Chalice.  As he came down from the alter, it was my turn to receive the body of Christ. When this event happened, I remembered another time when my daughter was a Eucharistic minister at her high school. Her friend had received communion and sat down. There was a girl who went up to the alter and dropped her host, and my daughter said that her friend hopped out of her chair, ran to the priest and fell to her knees most dramatically. She said, "Please Sir, give me the broken body of Christ". He gave it to her. My daughter said that her friend caused quite a scene. But I thought it was quite beautiful. You just knew that her faith was so strong. She believed that Christ was in the host and this irreverent accident horrified her to see her Lord on the floor. Quickly she wanted to honor him by ingesting the broken body of Christ. She wanted to rectify his falling and bring him into his glory through her own body. Later I thought, I wished I had acted so reverently as that when I saw it fall to the floor. It had not occurred to me until after the whole event was over.  
But yet I thought, yes, CBIB - Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies does just that. We bury the body of Christ. We have taken the little ones who have been broken and we bury them. I remembered that in the very beginnings of CBIB, in 2004, we buried a baby who was thrown away like trash in a garbage can, naked and wrapped in a newspaper, and regarded as rubbish. Unwanted, unnamed, unloved and thought of as the scourge of mankind. We tried to give the dignity and the respect for a human life that was neglected not appreciated. We named her Hope. Now, CBIB is about to bury yet another baby, a baby whose mother had a miscarriage and a D&C at the hospital. Most loved and cherished, this little babies Mom morns greatly with a broken heart. The remains of her baby were physically given to that mother from the hospital. It must have been a bloody mess, like our Lord was. But we shall bring that little body to a peaceful place to be reverently treated with the respect and the honor that he deserves. As Jesus said, "Whatever you do to the least of these little ones, you do it to me." Who could ever be so worthy of such an honor as to bury the body of Christ? 

Respectfully Yours,
Lise Naccari
Founder of CBIB Inc.
Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies
P. O. Box 778
Lacombe, La. 70445
CBIB North Shore Office 4045 Desoto St. Mandeville,La. 70433 
CBIB New Orleans Office 631 St. Charles Ave. NOLA 70130
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On my 30th birthday I lost my baby, I was devastated. My world fell apart. What do you do when LIFE falls apart? My misfortune of loosing a child actually inspired CBIB - Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies, which was created to help poor families to bury their baby. During times of distress in our lives we can do either two things, one completely fall apart or two, hang onto the God of infinite possibilities. It is HE who can bring good out of everything, even death.

During my prayer time, I was thinking of the kind of woman I would like to be. As I was drinking my coffee on my porch, I began thinking of the many woman I admire. So I started to write this for my grandchildren, in hopes they may read this one day. I thought of the many great women of the world. Here is 3 of them. First, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who cared and gave compassion for the forgotten and the unloved poor people of the streets. Her story inspires faith, commitment, and fortitude. Then Mother Cabrini, which Cabrini is where I went for High School, she was a great business woman with a great heart for the orphans who had no one to care for them. She was inspired by God to open up orphanages. And last, my favorite, Mother Mary, a humble ordinary woman. She was simple, poor and an uneducated woman, who said yes to God and changed the world.

In Jan. 2017, the day after the 44th anniversary of Roe vs Wade, CBIB buried an aborted baby that we named Michael. We had a funeral mass at St.Anthony of Padua and gave a press release saying, "Funeral for aborted baby day after Roe vs Wade. He was unwanted and unnamed, but we made him our own and called him Michael."

No media came to the services, but we feel it is important for the community to be aware. ​​


Women of Infinite Possibilities:    What kind of woman will you be?


In Sept 2002, late one evening, I was up alone watching TV. There was an EWTN Show with Fr. Frank Provone, the pro life priest. He showed how human fetus' body parts were being sold. He told of how much each body part was sold for. There were people actually making money off of this atrocity. I kept thinking of the Nazi's German's inhumanity towards mankind. I was horrified and sickened by this report. I got up early the next day to catch a plane to California to visit my Mom.

My mother was ill and I did not knowing it would be my last visit.

The next night in California, my Mom and I stayed up late laughing and talking together. We watched the old family movies of when my Dad was in the service and we all lived in Hawaii. I was a baby then. Our time together was so special. We enjoyed watching the old films together. I then told my Mom what I had seen the night before on tv with the information of the selling of body parts. Suddenly she got very serious. She too was horrified by the news.

Without thinking I said, "Mom I am going to bury those babies." I will never forget her face. 

With a pensive look, she pointed her finger at me, and sternly said, "Lise you have to do this!" I will never forget that look. It stopped me in my tracks. It was not like her. My Mom was a cheerful person, with a pleasant disposition and she never told me what to do, especially would never point her finger at me. I was always a free spirited person and often did just whatever I wanted to. My older sister was the one who would tell me what to do, she would blurt out orders to me, but I didn't always listen. So I was shocked and surprised at my Mom's reaction, it was so out of character for her. Could possibly with that look, and her finger, and those words, be My Divine Commission?

A divine commission from God delivered by my Mom? I believed so. 

I will never forget the day I left to go back home. I asked her Mom." Do you want me to stay longer?" She said, " No, you need to go back home to your family who needs you." So I sat on the bed next to her and we hugged with a long loving embrace. We cried together but said nothing as we held each other. Well, it was a week later that my mom had died, and I hadcome back and was at her side at her death. But I can still feel that embrace. I like to think somehow it lasts into eternity somewhere, heaven perhaps? I know this loving embrace still lasts inside of me. But nothing like the death of your mother can cause such an inner stir in your soul, a trial by fire. Funny, I had such a renewed steadfast spirit which seem to launch me into a series of incredible events. To be my destiny, it seemed to me.

Her death created a passion and fervor which gave birth to CBIB.

Here are pictures from our CBIB October 2019 Funeral for 3 sweet little babies and for 3 families who could not afford a funeral. Really 4, I will explain. 
Sara,     Darnell,     *Prince,     *King
( I am writing to you just about Prince and King, Sara and Darnell have their own story )
We helped to bury King on October 11, not at St. Patrick's. King's mother came to the funeral service at St. Patrick's. I showed her that we will put his name on the nameplate in the Prayer Garden. 
Prince's mother told me of her story where she had lost Prince while she was pregnant for twins last year. (The body of Prince was still waiting for burial) The baby girl made it, but Prince didn't. The mother named her baby girl Royalty. So Prince's sister, Royalty who was one year old, came to the funeral for her brother. The mother had no money to bury Prince and she called us for help. The family all came dressed in purple. King and Prince's mothers connected at the funeral. After one year, You can just imagine how this was such a healing closure for this family.
I always ask the mothers to pray for each other, since they are going through the same thing. It was wonderful seeing how the two mothers bonded at the funeral. 
I also, observed that Prince's family were all women. The Mother, Grandmother, Auntie, Godmother and two girl cousins in Catholic High School uniforms were there, no men from that family. They were a very loving family and very distressed. They consoled each other. I was moved by the grandmother's bear hug. She crabbed me and gave me a long warm embrace, it was very touching, I can still feel it. I needed that!
As always, God has a plan and we are just there to watch it unfold.


This was said at the funeral we had March 28, 2018 for 2 babies,

one was 7 months in gestation and the other was an aborted baby.

The family for the 7th month baby girl ( Kirastin) was there at the funeral

but no one was there for the other baby that we named Betty Jane.

First of all, we are sorry for your loss. It is terrible to loose someone you love,

and you loved this little one the moment you found out that you were pregnant.

I too have had this kind of loss and it hurts and our hearts go out to you

and your family. Even though you have this loss, your love never dies.

For every season there is a reason. Everyone has a purpose in life. Even though their lives were short, God has a purpose and a plan, a meaning for all. There is no one who is insignificant, no one who is too small, no one who is unimportant. We believe that all human life begins at conception. CBIB - Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies believes all human life is precious and sacred and deserves respect. God created each one of us in his image, the image of the living God, just think of it, he created each one of us in his image, praise his name! He has created us each with a living soul, that lives on for all eternity, where death can not touch them, nor tears, pain, suffering, or sorrow. For Jesus has wisked them away up unto his loving arms. For he is the good shepherd who cares for his little lambs. God is love, that is his name, love. God is all knowing, powerful and great. For the lowly he is kind and compassionate. He has made these little ones for a reason. Today we honor and acknowledge their existence. He has seen your pain and suffering, he feels your pain. He cries when you cry, he sees your tears. He is close to your broken heart. Know he cares for you. God is with you. He will help you. Take courage, don't be afraid. God is your strength, Jesus is your friend. He will never leave you, never forsake you, and he will never forget you. Call out to him, he will help you! If God is for you, who or what can be against you. Nothing is impossible with God. So just like the seasons that change, know that this wintertime sorrow will not last. There will be a new day. Don't give up. Hope in him. God is faithful to bring a new springtime in your life. Wait on him, trust him and he will deliver you.

Whatever you do for the least of these little ones, you have done it for me!

Respectfully Yours,
Lise Naccari
Founder of CBIB Inc.
Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies

Is God calling all of us to be women of infinite possibilities like this? The answer is yes. He has created you to be who you are and can do great things with you where you are. Remember God says all things are possible with him. What is your story? What can it be like? By adding Jesus, even into a horrible situation, then there is nothing impossible. Whether famous and grandeur or humble and miniscule, your life has great meaning. 

Remember the story of David in the field with his beloved sheep. The God of infinite possibilities was his Father, his best friend. When God is your best friend, lions and tigers and bears can not hurt you. Even Goliath. Just like David, you have a purpose and your story is important, that is why God made you. You have a destiny. 

Every word and every action done in love and in God's name lives forever. Continue doing small things with great love and gratitude, like cleaning your house, doing the mundane jobs like driving the kids to school every morning, washing clothes, making the beds, feeding you family. He will increase you and inspire you. Nothing is too simple, sing it well with a song of thanks. Take the small things and watch them grow. 

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look at your circumstances with new eyes. Faith can change your situation, for you are the daughter of the King! The God of all creation has chosen you to be his. With thanksgiving, he will pull you up and he will be the lifter of your head and with joy you can be A Woman of Infinite Possibilities. 

Lise Naccari
CBIB: Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies
Founder and Executive Director


We got a call to bury a baby today. The mother (unnamed), of the baby did not know she was pregnant and went to the hospital. The mother was 39 weeks pregnant and delivered a 7 pound baby girl who was stillborn. The mother said, "I don't want it. I don't even want to know what it is." 
She did not want to hold it and refused to see the baby. She said she did not want to name it. She didn't want anyone to know that this baby was born. Like it never existed. This baby was treated as though it was worthless, insignificant and unimportant. 

When I was asked, "Would you like to have the baby?" I emphatically said, "Yes! We will make her ours!" Unwanted, unloved, forsaken and abandoned, no more. Now she is ours! No one should ever be insignificant.
The man, (unnamed source) who called us about this baby wanted to name this baby Precious. There was another person that has done so much for CBIB, so therefore, we wanted to honor them by giving the baby their last name, Sinclair. This baby was worthy of a beautiful name, Precious Sinclair. This baby was not worthless but indeed precious. We will honor and remember her as a child of God, who was welcomed in the arms of a loving Heavenly Father. I have called you by name and now you are mine.

Funeral for "Precious Sinclair"
St. Patrick's Cemetery #1
5000 Canal Street
Wed. January 31, 2018
1:00 p.m. 

CBIB - We beleive that all human life is precious and sacred and deserves a respectful burial.


In 2013, I had a a Doctor at one of the Hospitals walk up to me and say, "Since you have buried several of my patients babies, can I ask you something?" I resoundingly said yes. He said, "We have a DRAWER FULL of babies here. There are about 20 of them, I think. They are all under 20 weeks in gestation. I would like to see them buried. Can you bury them?" I was so stunned by what he said. I tried to act cool and professional, but I felt sick to my stomach. I tried to keep my head, but the words echoed in my brain, A DRAWER FULL OF BABIES. So I frozen in shock and disbelief, yet I shook my head yes and tried to act normal. CBIB: Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies up to this point had only buried 4 babies at one time and at one site. But a draw full of babies had an awful visual for me, like some horror movie. I kept seeing in my mind, a drawer being pulled out with them in it. Often I wonder what in the world am I doing? This was one of those times.

I was reminded of the time when I was burying full term twins. I was upset because I was burying babies who were flushed down the toilet and a plumber found them. I heard that their bodies was badly mangled. I always have our babies dressed respectfully, it is a way of showing dignity and love. I struggled with what they must have looked like and if their arms would fit in their clothes. I also was struggling with anger towards the mother, it is all so senseless. I woke up that morning in a pool of sweat and in a fetal position, teeth clenched and my hands were in fists. I quickly fell to my knees in prayer, "God what in the world is wrong with me?" I felt him say inwardly, "Lise, you need to forgive her." I said God you have to help me because this is hard. So I got up, got dressed and went to St. Ann's to pray. I made up my mind to forgive her, even if I didn't feel it, I said it anyway, "I forgive her." I told God he needed to help me with this because this is hard. It was a cold morning, and when I got to Church and knelt down, I could feel the warm bright yellow on my face from the stain glass window above. I felt a peace come over me. Again, I felt like God spoke, "Don't think about their bodies, but focus on the resurrection." I realized this was the answer for me. What I really needed with the work that I was doing was to focus on the resurrection. I dare say that I could not have done this work if it had not been for that day.

So the drawer full of babies, that was such an awful visual for me, I put it into perspective. I had to first find a place for them to go. Then I wanted to name them. I found out how much I needed to do this and I struggled to find people who would help me fund it. As I was prayerfully preparing for the task, I thought of how special this was. It is an honor to bury the dead. To bury 20 babies under 20 weeks gestation was such a privilege. I worked day and night on the project. Finally, after some time had past and I had gotten everything ready, I made a call about the drawer full of babies. They said, "Oh, they are not here any more." I sharply said, "What!?!?" I was devastated. I thought to myself, it's my fault, I took too long trying to get it all together. The nurse I talked to, said as a matter of fact, "They were taken by medical waste. They aren't here any more." So I said, "You mean they were all thrown away in the trash? They are human beings!" She became aggravated with me and slowly repeated it again, "They were all picked up by the medical waste." I felt like they had all died again. There was no one who wanted them. No one who cared about them. No one was concerned where they went or no one who cared what happened to their remains. Just like trash, they were thrown away. 

Every month CBIB buries babies, but never such a large amount of babies at one time. So after so many years working with this, CBIB finally did have a large group of babies successfully buried in a respectful and dignified manner. On July 25, 2018, CBIB buried 14 babies. Eleven were abandoned still born, left at a hospital. CBIB named them all. Could it be that the parents did not have the funds for burial? I will probably never know. Regardless, CBIB buried them along with twins whose mother had lost them at 20 weeks gestation and was greatly grieved. And last, but not least, CBIB had a funeral service for all of these babies and baby John who was only 8 weeks gestation. What a gift to be able to honor human life. We believe all human life is sacred and deserves a dignified burial. 

Whatever you do for the least of these little ones, you have done it for me!
Respectfully Yours,
Lise Naccari

In 2016, CBIB spearheaded 

The Compassionate Burials Act 

made it into Law in Louisiana,

where a woman has the right

to bury her (fetus) baby. 

Do you not know that you are the temple of GOD, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? 1Corinthians 3:16 ... for the temple of God which you are, is Holy.
Because of this, we treat each baby with reverence and respect as though we are burying our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "Whatever you do to the least of these little ones you do to me."
If the mother of famine is worthlessness, in direct contrast, we who live in the land of abundance, declare the all human life is worthy.
It was an honor and a privilege for CBIB who gave a respectful burial for 24 abandoned babies. There were no families there for the burial of these children. 
We were their family!
Does a mother neglect the baby in her womb?  The flesh of her flesh. 
Unfortunately, this is the times we live in.
It is a harsh reality that babies are left behind unclaimed at hospitals with no one to bury them. 
I don't know the reason why these little guys were abandoned. 
Did the baby's parents not have the funds for burial? How sad and how often we see this. I don't know the story of these little children. But God knows the story behind every tear and suffering of poor parents.
On the other hand there are those families who don't care and we have seen this too. Since many of these babies were miscarried, did their parents not consider them as people?  Since 16 of these babies were not named does that mean they were unwanted?
We don't know the answer to this and it is not up to us to judge. The point is, we have 24 babies who need to be buried and that is what we did.
On another note:
The last time we had a funeral at Metairie Lake Lawn, a baby's life was saved.
In 2007, Don Boudreaux, owner of Boudreaux's Jewelry Store, generously allowed us to use his plot for the burial of 4 babies. All were also abandoned and needed burial. One was found in the sewer and 2 were flushed down the toilet and found by a plumber. The twins were were full term and weighed 3 lbs. each. The mother of the twins was never found. These 4 babies were not named and abandoned. We named each one, because every human being deserves a name. We also gave them the last name of Boudreaux and so we called them the babies of "The Boudreaux Family." 
August 28, 2019, we will bury 24 abandoned babies together with the 4 babies from 2007. They will all become the babies of "The Boudreaux Family". CBIB is very grateful to Don Boudreaux's generousity.
In 2007, Bill Capo, with WWL Channel 4 news, did a beautiful story about the babies. He also made a plea for The Safe Haven Law which is a part of our Mission Statement. There was a young woman who saw this report on TV and pulled up at an Arby's Restaurant parking lot in Elwood. She rolled down her window to speak to two paramedics parked there for lunch. She was crying and said, "I just delivered a baby." She Looked down at the newborn baby on the front seat of her car. She said. "I heard of of something called a Safe Haven Law. Can you take my baby?" The paramedics radioed in this information and hurriedly said, " Yes, we can take your baby". 
So there is a 12 year old alive today because of that funeral we had in 2007.
Who will be the voice of those without a voice? 
We took all those little souls that were left behind, and we gave them a proper burial. It's the only decent thing to do. All these sweet little babies, we celebrated their short life, we named them, we clothed them in dignity, we made the time and place for them, and we acknowleged to the world of their short existence and their humanity. 
No one is too small. In God's eyes, no one is insignificant. 
It only makes sense, that in this world, we provided for these little ones who no one wanted. We declare that there is no person who is umimportant and that every life matters and needs to be recognized. So to all the orphans, misfits, unplanned, outcasts, discarded, to all those unwanted, forgotten, and unloved, we proclaim, that there is a merciful loving Father who wants them. He is the "father to all the fatherless".  
God our Father says, 
"I will never leave you or forsake you. 
I carved you in the palm of my hand. 
You are chosen, you are mine!
You are welcome to come into the family of God."
CBIB believes that all human Life is precious and sacred and deserves a respectful burial!
CBIB Motto:     Life is precious!
Our Mission:
S AFE          To promote Safe Haven 
S ECURE    To provide comfort 
S ACRED    To provide burials 
A Quote from Dr. Hevron,
"CBIB provides a valuable service to the Community 
and I will be an advocate for them."
Lise Naccari
Founder and Executive Director
Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies