CBIB INC. is a 501c3 local non-profit organization
-501c3 Tax deductible

The funds we are asking for would go towards the funerals and burials we provide for indigent families who have lost a baby and for helping to promote the Safe Haven Law.  .  As everyone knows, a funeral can be costly, and there are families who are not able to bury their little loved ones who have passed.

With the grant received, we will be able to pay for the burials. We receive continuious calls for help and therefore, we bury babies on a monthly basis. We have had funerals for over 100 babies so far and these numbers continue to grow.  We would greatly appreciate your help and the generosity of this gift would help multiple families in need.


 Each Funeral Needs:

  • A burial site
  • A casket
  •  Burial outfit for the baby
  • Flowers
  • Funding for cemetery cost
  • Prayer for the families and CBIB members

How to Donate:



By Mail:

Make Checks payable to:


P.O. Box 778

Lacombe, LA 70445

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