As of 9/28/16, CBIB has buried A total of 85 Babies and the number is growing

2003-1 baby
Tashanie Monique

2004- 2 babies
Coby Jr


2005- 1 baby


2007-4 babies
Sahara Ann

Mary Rachel

Gabriel John

Terry Michael

Lise Naccari


Founded: 2007

Type: Non profit-organization


Our Mission is the respectful burial of unclaimed babies

Our History

Thousands of babies die every year and do not receive a proper burial. Help us change that. 

CBIB, Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are devoted to providing dignified burials for abandoned or indigent babies in our area.  Our dedicated team assists in the funerals and burials of the babies and in turn brings comfort and closure to their families. Our belief is that all life deserves respect and dignity. It is our Mission to raise awareness of the Safe Haven Law so babies will not be thrown away because the mother did not know there was a place to bring her child, with no questions asked.


About Us

Burials- Gone but not forgotten